A warm welcome to the new website of Naszálytej Zrt. The goal of this new forum is to prvide our visitors with more extensive and detailed information on the ever growing and constantly renewing range of products we offer, in a more exciting and spectacular way, also giving you the opportunity to contact us...


About Us
Naszálytej Dairy Processing and Trading Company Limited, Naszálytej for short, is located in Vác, a tranquil town embraced by the Naszály Hill and the river Danube, with a rich historical and cultural heritage of almost a thousand years. Even the packaging of Naszálytej products features one of the most characteristic symbols of the town, the 15m high Arc of Triumph known as the ‘Stone Gate’ of Vác... 
  • 2012.09.06. 08:20

    In 2012, it was for the 15th time that products could compete for the Hungarian Quality Product Grand Prize, the aim of which is to spread a quality awareness attitude and establish a conscious consumer behaviour.   

  • 2011.09.09. 10:15

    At the gala ceremony of the Hungarian Quality Product Grand Prize held on September 1, 2011, the Magic Milk product family of Naszálytej Zrt. was awarded a special prize, too.

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